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Whether you are a budding artist testing out acrylics for the first time or an experienced sculptor looking to improve your technique, Creative Celebration has a class for you. We value an environment that fosters creativity and learning, by providing a blend of personalized instruction and open studio time.

All of our classes are taught by experienced artists and instructors and most offer flexible scheduling so that you can create your own tailored program of instruction and studio time.





Art Workshops 

Nature and Wildlife painting with Marilyn Vona $20.00 a session.

Beginning drawing class. 5 sessions workshop includes lesson plan and homework. $60.00

Glass Fusion Jewelry Making for Beginners. 45.00 for the class plus products.  You will learn to design, cut, and grind your glass fusion project and assemble it.  2 to 3 pendants is what most people do in their first class and that usually costs between 10 and 15 additional depending on the bails and the glass type you choose. Thursday 5 PM to 7 PM $ 45 plus product.


Glass fusion for beginners 8 week class.  You will learn many different techniques, basic fusion, glass casting, painting using frit, glass line, glass paint, powder or glass decals. $240  Product is included.

Beginning hand building clay class.  Designed with the beginner in mind, but also appropriate for the more experienced,  learn to work with clay using hand building techniques( pinch pot, coiling, slaps).  Students will learn the process of making, glazing and firing. The prize in a class setting is $95 for 5 sessions,  plus 50 lbs of clay for $35. Firing cost is .03 per square inch. Glazes are included in the firing price. During the 5 week sessions you can use the studio at other times for free. This helps you get additional practice time in.

Pottery wheel and hand building for beginners.  $195 plus 50 lbs of clay for $ 35. Firing is .03 per square inch and it includes glazes. Hundreds of glazes to choose from. Promotion 10 session instead of 8. During he 10 week session you can use the studio at other times for free. This helps you get additional practice time in.

Clay sculpting class for intermediate students. $295 for 10 weeks and it includes 50 lbs of clay. You will learn how to use and build armatures, make a hollow sculpture or solid one, 


Wire Jewelry class $ 35 and that includes an assortments of wire worth $20 .- every Saturday from 3 PM to 4:30 PM.


Basic Jewelry making $25.00 plus product.

Mosaic class. $ 80.- 2 sessions. You can pick from several projects and the product is included. Call for specific times or we can schedule it at time that works for you.

Metal Clay class $320 for a 4-class session. Unique to our class is that you will learn to use a variety of metals, brass, copper, Sterling silver and fine silver. Most metal clay classes focus on one type of metal only. 

Bead weaving classes with Gerina

 Royalty Adornment  class: $25 materials: $21

 Harmony Bands  class: $25 materials: $10 

 Peyote Bump Bracelet class: $25 materials: $10

Swarovski Dagger Necklace  class: $25 materials: $ 45

Bead weaving with Marcy. Come in and pick from many different designs. $25 plus product.


Therapeutic Creative Workshops


 No previous art experience is necessary to participate, taught by a NYS licensed art therapist. Benefits of Therapeutic Creative Workshops: alleviate stress, self-expression, master new skills, self-empowerment, increase self-esteem and confidence, improve concentration, relieve anxiety, self- exploration and discovery.


Children’s Self-Expression Workshop.  Provides children with a creative outlet and a safe environment to express themselves. $18.00 product included. Limit 4 children per class. Kids will create with clay, mosaic, painting and collage. Thursday and Friday 4 PM. Buy 5 classes upfront and you get a 10% discount.

Expressive Painting. Enrich your life by discovering the process of painting with acrylics and oils. $20.00 plus products or you bring your own paints.

Arts nd Craft Self-Expression workshop. Whether you are an experienced crafter or a beginner, we provide you with an environment where you can create with new mediums and explore new techniques. $18.- Buy 5 classes upfront and get a 10% discount.

Call us 646 823-6145 / (315) 633-1022 and schedule your class at a time that is convenient for you. Check out our calendar for upcoming events at the shop. Store hours Tuesday 10 am to 2 pm Wednesday and Thursday 10 am to 7 pm and Friday and Saturday 10 am to 5 pm. Closed the week of July 4th and the week between Christmas and New Year. And if Monday is a holiday then we will be closed on Tuesday. ( Tuesday after Labor Day or Memorial Day.

Studio setting allows you to choose

  • The Medium
  • The Level
  • The Subject
  • The time and date


 Contact us for more information or to schedule your class.

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